The Birth

I was convinced it was going to be a girl.

I was wrong.

Year 01

The first year is the hardest right?

Thank You

This is the follow up to the flip book marriage proposal video.

Occasionally people ask me what happened next.
Well, yes. We are now happily married.

I made each guest a flip book with their name on it which acted as a name place and the bomboniere.

Made with Blender.

Lip Sync Is Easy

This was one of the shots I animated for the ‘Demystifying Lip Sync Animation’ course over at

Life Happens

I made another flipbook animation.

Animated with Blender
Printed by LuLu

Scattered Black & Whites


[vimeo 73496124]

On Saturday the 24th of August I gave my girlfriend a present.

Software: Blender, Inkscape


Elbow – Scattered Black and Whites
(Asleep in the back)

NB- We are now married with one child.