This was my final assignment at iAnimate.

Big thanks to my instructor Ted Ty.

Animated and rendered in Maya
Composited in Blender.


This is an animation test I did while at iAnimate.

Thank you to James and Kim Neale @ for their assistance with the lighting and rendering.
Audio is from the film Chopper
The character is an updated version of the BBB rig.

Responsibilities: Animation, Rigging, Lighting

Elevator Loop

I polished and rendered my pace shot from iAnimate, and then re-rendered it after doing the lighting course.

Turn looping on and watch the endless disappointment.

Rigged, animated and rendered in Blender.

Bik Wall Flip

[vimeo 34761376]

This is the final version of one of my assignments from

Press play and it will loop.

Responsibilities: Animation and lighting
Rig: Kiopaa